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The University of Maryland needed a new video to amplify their upcoming capitol campaign and help them boost donations. That’s where we stepped in to help meet their goal!

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Helping University of Maryland amplify their campaign.

Our recent collaboration with the University of Maryland marks an exciting chapter in our agency’s portfolio, as we spearheaded a groundbreaking video campaign aimed at amplifying their upcoming capital campaign. Recognizing the significance of this endeavor, we crafted a narrative that not only highlighted the university’s rich history and achievements but also seamlessly wove in the vision for their future. Through engaging storytelling and visually captivating content, we sought to ignite a sense of pride and connection among the university’s alumni and supporters.

The core objective of the video campaign was to leverage the emotional resonance of the University of Maryland’s journey, emphasizing the impact of philanthropic contributions on the institution’s growth and excellence. By showcasing real stories of individuals whose lives were transformed through the university’s initiatives, we aimed to create a compelling call to action, encouraging viewers to contribute to the upcoming capital campaign. Our team strategically employed a mix of traditional and digital platforms to maximize reach, ensuring that the campaign resonated across various demographics and channels

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Increase in enrollment
more non-traditional students

Early indicators suggest that our video campaign has successfully contributed to a surge in interest and support for the University of Maryland’s capital campaign. The integration of compelling visuals, authentic narratives, and a strategic distribution plan has not only elevated the university’s visibility but has also inspired a renewed sense of community and pride among stakeholders. As we continue to monitor the campaign’s impact, we are optimistic about the positive trajectory it has set for the University of Maryland’s fundraising efforts and its ability to leave a lasting impression on both current and potential donors.

The success of our video campaign for the University of Maryland lies not just in the numbers but in the stories it has brought to life. We meticulously crafted a narrative that transcended mere fundraising goals, portraying the university as a transformative force in the lives of students, faculty, and the broader community. The emotional resonance elicited from the campaign has fostered a deeper connection with the audience, translating into tangible support for the institution’s vision. This project underscores our commitment to not only meeting the immediate objectives of our clients but also creating a lasting impact that resonates with the hearts and minds of the audience, fostering a sense of shared purpose and commitment to the University of Maryland’s future.

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