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Ambio: Verb (am.bi.o) – To surround, encircle.

Who is Ambio?

15 years ago, members of our team helped introduce digital marketing to higher education. Now, we are thrilled to offer the first CTV performance platform designed specifically for the industry. AmbioEdu is the only CTV platform in the market to offer colleges and universities a “surround” solution that combines optimized student targeting, media buying, and actual digital attribution.

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Precise Digital CTV and Mobile Device ID Targeting Across:


Public High Schools


Private High Schools


STEM High Schools


High School Students

What makes us different?

We prioritize authenticity and innovation, understanding the unique challenges of higher education marketing. Tailoring strategies to fit your institution’s needs, we blend advanced technology with creative storytelling to set you apart, and drive enrollment in a competitive landscape.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting lies at the heart of our marketing strategy. We go beyond demographics to understand the behaviors, interests, and preferences of your target audience. Through sophisticated data analysis and segmentation, we ensure that your message resonates with the right people at the right time.

Whether it’s reaching prospective students, engaging alumni, or connecting with parents, our precise targeting techniques ensure maximum impact and ROI for your campaigns.

15,000+ Targeting Segments
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Higher Ed Expertise

Tailored for the unique landscape of higher education, our expertise ensures that your institution’s marketing efforts are strategically aligned with industry best practices and tailored to resonate with prospective students.

With a deep understanding of the higher education sector, we bring insights, strategies, and creative solutions that drive enrollment and engagement, helping your institution stand out in a competitive market.

15+ Years of Higher Ed Experience

Enrollment Atrribution

Enrollment attribution is at the core of our approach, providing you with the insights and analytics needed to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns accurately. By tracking student interactions from initial exposure to enrollment, we offer comprehensive attribution models that illuminate the impact of each touchpoint along the student journey.

With Ambio, you can confidently allocate your marketing budget, optimize your strategies, and drive tangible results by understanding the direct correlation between your efforts and enrollment outcomes.

1:1 Attribution Model Provides a Clear Picture of the Student Journey


I have known Jennifer for over ten years and thought of her as someone always “ahead of the curve.”

Her reputation in the higher education marketing space is impeccable and can point to many examples of helping universities meet their enrollment goals. She has always demonstrated the ability to develop a unique marketing strategy for each unique university, whether large or small. In her company, she is offering institutions a more cost-effective platform that provides them with the ability to reach a more targeted student population based on its geodemographic priorities. I am very excited about the great potential of this approach to help my institution reach more students within our focus populations.

I have collaborated with Jennifer Lonchar and her teams across various organizations and capacities.

Jennifer truly stands out by seamlessly integrating with your marketing team, extending its capabilities. She consults closely to tailor and ensure the success of your marketing campaigns. We decided to work with Ambio Edu because we trust her expertise and marketing insights.

I highly recommend Jennifer Lonchar and AmbioEdu. 

Jennifer’s expertise in higher education marketing and AmbioEdu’s innovative platform make them invaluable partners. Their tailored strategies and cost-effective solutions help institutions reach targeted student populations effectively. With AmbioEdu, institutions finally have the ability to measure the results of their CTV efforts, ensuring optimized marketing campaigns. Partnering with them will undoubtedly elevate your enrollment marketing efforts.

I have seen the transformative power of Connected TV in reaching and engaging prospective students.

CTV allows us to deliver tailored messages directly to our target audience, creating a more personalized and immersive experience. I love CTV because it enables us to advertise and connect with students, inspiring them to envision themselves as part of our academic community. With its precise targeting and measurable results, CTV has become an indispensable tool in our enrollment marketing strategy, driving success and fostering meaningful relationships with future students.

Innovating ways forward.

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Jennifer Lonchar

My favorite part of being in the higher education industry are the relationships. Strong client relationships are at the core of any thriving business. It’s more than just transactions; it’s about forging connections. Whether I’ve known you for years or we’ve yet to meet, I can’t wait to connect! Reach out, message me, or let’s grab a coffee.

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Nicole Tiexiera
Director of Reporting

Nicole, as the Director of Reporting at AmbioEdu, leads the organization’s reporting efforts, guaranteeing precision, compliance, and efficiency in conveying vital metrics and insights to both our esteemed clients and stakeholders. She has implemented rigorous reporting standards and utilizes data visualization tools to facilitate informed decision-making across the organization.

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Adam Bohac
Director of Platform Development

Adam, as the Director of Campaign Management at AmbioEdu, orchestrates the planning, execution, and refinement of client campaigns aimed at enhancing brand visibility, fostering engagement, and attributing success. In collaboration with diverse teams, Adam crafts and executes integrated campaigns that harmonize with business goals and resonate with intended target audiences.

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Blake Bellemore
Director of Proposals

Blake plays a crucial role in propelling the strategic growth and triumph of AmbioEdu. In her capacity as a pivotal figure, she spearheads the team responsible for crafting compelling proposals that effectively convey the value and significance of our services to prospective Colleges and Universities. Blake nurtures strong collaboration across various departments to ensure seamless alignment with organizational objectives and client expectations.

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Becca Semanski
Director of Client Success

Becca ensures the satisfaction, retention, and growth of AmbioEdu’s client base. She is responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, understanding their needs, and driving value through the company’s products and services.

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Michaela Crudele
Director of Marketing

Michaela is instrumental in shaping and implementing AmbioEdu’s marketing strategy aimed at enhancing brand visibility, generating leads, and fostering revenue growth. This role demands strategic acumen, effective leadership abilities, and a comprehensive grasp of marketing methodologies across diverse channels. As the Director of Marketing, is tasked with executing integrated marketing campaigns, overseeing digital assets, and analyzing marketing performance to drive informed decision-making.

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Mark Landon

As the most interesting man in the world, he always has an opinion on something…and we almost always listen.

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Liliana Rutler
Director of Campaign Management

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