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Precise CTV with Enrollment Attribution

The only performance platform purposely built for higher education, delivering the power of TV with precise household targeting and digital attribution.

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Precise Digital CTV and Mobile Device ID Targeting Across:

Public High Schools


Private High Schools


STEM High Schools

15.2 M

High School Students

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A History of Higher Education Success

15 years ago, members of our team helped introduce digital marketing to higher education. Now, we are thrilled to offer the first CTV performance platform designed specifically for the industry. AmbioEdu is the only CTV platform in the market to offer colleges and universities a “surround” solution that combines optimized student targeting, media buying, and actual digital attribution.

What Makes Ambio Different?

Audience Targeting

“Know your audience.” We hear that all the time in higher ed marketing, but it’s easier said than done. Using our proprietary polygonning strategy, and hyper-precise targeting, AmbioEdu can reach students where they are: specific high schools, community colleges, military bases, and more. But really, we wanted the AmbioEdu platform to take it a step further. That’s why it comes fully integrated with all major third-party data sources, enabling digital-like precision on your CTV media with options from simple geography targeting to a list of over 15,000 unique targeting segments.

Audience Targeting
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Results Driven Reporting

“Butts in seats.” Every higher ed marketer has probably heard that phrase enough to last a lifetime! We get it. For so many teams, getting more “butts in seats” means you have to work smarter — not harder.

The good news is we can help you “work smarter” by offering robust reporting directly integrated with your Google Analytics. Your dashboard not only tracks key performance indicators and delivery metrics, but it’s the only platform to match CTV ad exposure and applications for true enrollment attribution tracking. As a bonus, Ambio’s Halo Effect will enable you to visualize and accurately measure the lift CTV has on other channels. Finally, a way to connect the dots!

Student Centered CTA

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Captivating Creative

Okay, picture this: You’re on a time crunch, and you need multiple versions of an ad with all the digital bells and whistles. You’re also working with a small team and balancing other projects at the same time. If this sounds familiar, we’ve got you covered.

By streamlining the process of creating stunning visuals, your ad performance can reach new highs. We’ll even create multiple versions to account for higher ed’s changing tides — like the time of year, desired outcomes, and overall marketing need!

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Ambio Select

Sometimes it’s not about enrollment attribution, but more about reaching your desired audience where they spend their time. With Ambio Select, you can skip the headache — just pick the channels and audience, and we’ll guarantee the placement. Here are just a few perks to keep your eye on:

  • Guaranteed placement on channels of your choice
  • Audience-specific cultivated networks
  • Transparent, channel-level reporting
  • CTV Only delivery
  • 100% fraud-free delivery

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