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Wait, what’s CTV?

CTV/OTT=Streaming television(like Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, and more).

Streaming TV/OTT is revolutionizing how we watch content, bringing the future into the present. No longer restricted to traditional TV schedules, viewers now stream anytime, anywhere. It’s a captive audience for schools to showcase themselves in unskippable 30-second spots, creating a direct path for marketers to engage and build meaningful connections with students and families.

Welcome to the era where storytelling meets the streaming screen!

More About CTV

Why Ambio?


Audience Precision

We specialize in precisely targeting prospective students, be it undergraduates, graduates, or adult learners. By leveraging mobile data, we can pinpoint student households or tap into 15K+ different demographic data points to reach potential students and parents directly on all their devices.

Moreover, we can retarget website visitors with commercials, keeping your message top-of-mind. This combines the experience and expansive reach of TV combined with the precise targeting of digital marketing.

70% In 2023, CTV's global household penetration grew to over 70%
1.2B There are 1.2 billion users monthly, across streaming platforms
1.5M Together, we served ads to 1.5 million high school students

First and Only in CTV/OTT Attribution

We get it – getting more ‘butts in seats’ is a challenge that demands smart solutions. That’s where we come in. As the first and ONLY company in higher education to offer this capability, our integrated dashboard not only tracks essential metrics but also uniquely links CTV/OTT ad views to conversion metrics, from first ad exposure to enrollment.

Our innovative approach provides a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts, ensuring you can measure the impact of your streaming campaigns like never before.


Elevate Your Ad Game

Crafting engaging content is crucial for CTV ads, but we understand time and budget constraints can make this challenging. AmbioEdu is here to help! We can assist you in repurposing existing assets into compelling commercials that captivate your audience and drive results.

Plus, we offer this service at an affordable price, ensuring your campaigns are not only effective but also cost-effective.

99% of all US households pay for at least one streaming service
81% of streaming occurs on the TV screen
+30% streaming TV offers 30% higher ROI than other channels

Data-driven Decisions

We know data is king, and we can help you gain a holistic view of your marketing efforts by integrating seamlessly with Google Analytics. Our comprehensive suite offers detailed data on audience engagement, conversion rates, and campaign effectiveness, empowering you to make informed decisions and fine-tune your marketing strategy for maximum impact.

We’re here to boost your brand–and your enrollment .

351f62a49ea5e80797ad24a384fdbec7 CTV/OTT

Connected TV (CTV) offers unprecedented ROI analysis for TV ads. AmbioEdu is the only CTV platform built for higher ed, connecting TV ads to real enrollment numbers.

  • Precision Targeting
  • Premium Inventory
  • Real ROI
d61d8dea69749a74344a0054b582b3f8 Ambio Select
Ambio Select

With Ambio Select, just pick the channels and audience, and we’ll guarantee the placement. Here are a few more platform perks:

  • You pick your channels of choice
  • Audience-specific networks
  • Transparent, channel reporting
  • 100% fraud-free delivery
c4e8740bb2ac6cfaee73aae3bc301ad5 Creative Production
Creative Production

Craft captivating stories with stunning visuals. Ambio’s customized design solutions and focus on creative storytelling will amplify your brand and connect deeply with student audiences.

  • Compelling Visual Storytelling
  • Customized Design Solutions
  • Brand Amplification through Creativity
230f7b3ea356536b4f1c7271569ad47c Digital & Traditional Media
Digital & Traditional Media

Reach them all. Universities thrive with a strategic mix of digital and traditional media, crafting a holistic communication strategy.

  • Expand Your Reach
  • Engage in Real-Time
  • Showcase Your Story in All Its Forms

Gamers. Change makers. Career shakers.

We’ve partnered with all of the top networks to ensure you can connect with your target audience.

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