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Are you looking for ways to effectively communicate with your target audience or wondering where to find them? Are you struggling to establish a meaningful connection with them, measure the success of your engagement, or validate if you are using the right approach? It’s important to acknowledge that while some may claim to know it all, the truth is that finding the right solutions requires experimentation and exploration.

However, once you discover the right approach, it has the potential to completely transform everything!

Enrollment Attribution:

AmbioEdu is the ONLY CTV provider offering full enrollment attribution tracking, allowing universities to track the impact of their streaming campaigns all the way to enrollment.

Precise Targeting:

Target by high schools, community colleges, list based, demographic data, or a combination of all of them!

Creative Solutions:

No ads? No worries! We tailor creative solutions for universities, crafting compelling ads that connect with their audience using available resources to save on costs.

Strategic Partnerships:

AmbioEdu’s strategic partnership with tvScientific provides universities with streamlined access to 95% of available streaming networks and apps!

Cost-Effective Advertising:

Advertising on CTV is as affordable as digital marketing, and AmbioEdu allows universities to maximize their advertising budget while reaching a highly engaged audience.

Thought Leadership:

AmbioEdu is positioned as a thought leader in higher education marketing, actively engaging with industry trends and sharing valuable insights and strategies for success.

Boost your brand and your enrollment.


Connected TV (CTV) offers unprecedented ROI analysis for TV ads. AmbioEdu is the only CTV platform built for higher ed, connecting TV ads to real enrollment numbers.

  • Precision Targeting
  • Premium Inventory
  • Real ROI
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Ambio Select

Sometimes it’s not about enrollment attribution, but more about reaching your desired audience where they spend their time. With Ambio Select, you can skip the headache — just pick the channels and audience, and we’ll guarantee the placement.

  • Guaranteed placement on channels of your choice
  • Audience-specific cultivated networks
  • Transparent, channel-level reporting
  • Ultra-competitive pricing
  • 100% fraud-free delivery
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Creative Production

Craft captivating stories with stunning visuals. Ambio’s customized design solutions and focus on creative storytelling will amplify your brand and connect deeply with student audiences.

  • Compelling Visual Storytelling
  • Customized Design Solutions
  • Brand Amplification through Creativity
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Digital & Traditional Media

Reach them all. Universities thrive with a strategic mix of digital and traditional media, crafting a holistic communication strategy.

  • Expand Your Reach
  • Engage in Real-Time
  • Showcase Your Story in All Its Forms
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