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How it works.

Use CTV to connect with students and parents and create the emotional connections that go beyond digital ads. With targeted advertising, you can deliver personalized messages directly to living rooms. CTV showcases campus life, programs, and culture, engaging viewers. Its reach on preferred devices ensures meaningful connections with prospects, creating lasting impressions.


Unparalleled Reach & Engagement

Reach students on the platforms they actually use. CTV lets you target them across their favorite streaming services and devices, maximizing your exposure compared to traditional advertising.

Targeted Advertising

Go beyond demographics. With CTV, you can target students based on specific interests, academic programs, and location. This ensures your ad reaches the most qualified potential students who are likely to be interested in your institution.

Measurable Results

Track the success of your campaigns. Unlike traditional TV advertising, CTV allows you to measure impressions, engagement, and conversions (applications, website visits), giving you valuable data to optimize your campaigns for better results.

Reach today’s students where they are: streaming their favorite shows and movies. Ambio offers targeted advertising and measurable results to maximize your enrollment marketing.

Revolutionize Higher Education Marketing with AmbioEdu: Where CTV Meets Authenticity

At AmbioEdu, we’re all about revolutionizing higher education marketing. Our mission? To help colleges and universities cut through the noise and connect with potential students and their families like never before.

So, what sets us apart? We blend the reach of Connected TV (CTV) advertising with precise measurement of digital, maximizing overall impact. Or, with our Ambio Select platform, you have the freedom to choose where your CTV ads appear, giving you directorial control over your marketing narrative. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank on commercial production. Our creative wizards craft visuals that’ll make your institution shine.

In today’s world, grabbing students’ attention is tougher than ever. We understand that students seek authenticity and want a genuine connection with colleges. That’s why we focus on storytelling, emotional engagement, and showcasing the true value of education. Ready to elevate your enrollment game? Explore how we can help your institution stand out, make waves, and attract future scholars. With AmbioEdu, the sky’s the limit!

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Your CTV/OTT FAQ Guide

CTVs and OTT got you scratching your head? No worries! We’ve been fielding all things streaming for years, so we’re your one-stop shop for CTV/OTT knowledge.

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So what is CTV?

It’s not Cable TV. Not Closed Circuit TV. Not  Cordless TV. Not Cooking TV. Not Cyber TV.

It’s Connected TV.

What's this OTT thing? How does it differ from CTV or Cable?

OTT is “Over The Top” video content that is streamed over the internet across devices.
CTV is Connected TV – TVs that stream Internet content (also includes devices like Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast). Linear is the old-school cable buried in the backyard, with locked-in broadcast times: “tune in at 6 EST for Wheel of Fortune.”

Make sense?

Are Connected TVs the same as Smart TVs?


Connected TVs (CTVs) aren’t just another digital device – they bridge the gap between traditional TV and the internet. Unlike computers or phones, CTVs are built for the living room experience, connecting directly to Wi-Fi for a familiar yet evolved format. Targeting audiences on CTV works similarly to other digital platforms, requiring a deep understanding of your ideal student.

CTV ads come in familiar lengths like :15, :30, or :60 seconds, but unlike traditional TV, they can’t be skipped, offering an unmissable opportunity to connect with your target audience.

Explore our other solutions.

d61d8dea69749a74344a0054b582b3f8 Ambio Select
Ambio Select

With Ambio Select, just pick the channels and audience, and we’ll guarantee the placement. Here are a few more platform perks:

  • You pick your channels of choice
  • Audience-specific networks
  • Transparent, channel reporting
  • 100% fraud-free delivery
c4e8740bb2ac6cfaee73aae3bc301ad5 Creative Production
Creative Production

Craft captivating stories with stunning visuals. Ambio’s customized design solutions and focus on creative storytelling will amplify your brand and connect deeply with student audiences.

  • Compelling Visual Storytelling
  • Customized Design Solutions
  • Brand Amplification through Creativity
230f7b3ea356536b4f1c7271569ad47c Digital & Traditional Media
Digital & Traditional Media

Reach them all. Universities thrive with a strategic mix of digital and traditional media, crafting a holistic communication strategy.

  • Expand Your Reach
  • Engage in Real-Time
  • Showcase Your Story in All Its Forms

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