AmbioEdu Joins Slate as Preferred Partner

Revolutionizing Higher Education Marketing through the Power of Connected TV.

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AmbioEdu Joins Slate as Preferred Partner

For Immediate Release: May 23, 2024

AmbioEdu proudly announces its acceptance into the esteemed Slate Preferred Partner program, solidifying its commitment to innovation and transformation in higher education. As a Silver Partner, AmbioEdu gains valuable insights into best practices and a deeper understanding of Slate’s product functionality and processes. This strategic alliance with Slate, the leading CRM in higher education, marks a significant milestone for AmbioEdu as it continues to redefine enrollment marketing in higher education through groundbreaking solutions.

Joining the Slate Preferred Partner program perfectly aligns with AmbioEdu’s mission to revolutionize higher education marketing.

“As the ONLY advanced CTV attribution platform tailored specifically for higher education, we are thrilled to leverage this partnership and provide even greater value to our clients,” says Jennifer Lonchar, Co-Founder of AmbioEdu.

AmbioEdu’s innovative solutions, combined with Slate’s industry-leading CRM, ensure seamless transfer and measurement of enrollment marketing data, empowering schools to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies.

In a landscape where traditional approaches to enrollment marketing can fall short, AmbioEdu emerges as a disruptive force, introducing the power of Connected TV (CTV) to colleges and universities. Through this strategic partnership, AmbioEdu and Slate pave the way for profound connections and measurable results in higher education marketing. This alliance revolutionizes how institutions engage with prospective students, leveraging CTV’s immersive and engaging experiences.

We are delighted to welcome AmbioEdu as a Slate Preferred Silver Partner. Their innovative approach to Connected TV and measurable outcomes brings a unique and valuable perspective to our user community. This partnership marks an exciting step forward in enhancing the educational landscape.


About AmbioEdu

AmbioEdu is driven by a collective vision to revolutionize higher education marketing through the transformative capabilities of Connected TV. With a founding team combining marketing, technology, and higher education expertise, AmbioEdu exemplifies a unique fusion of skills. Co-founder Jennifer Lonchar, with her unwavering commitment to higher education for over 15 years, has played a pivotal role in shaping AmbioEdu’s entrepreneurial spirit. The platform’s strategic embrace of Connected TV allows colleges and universities to create immersive experiences for prospective students, providing hyper-precise targeting and personalized connections. AmbioEdu’s CTV solutions also facilitate dynamic content engagement, transforming how schools engage with prospective students and families in the digital age.

About Slate

Over 1,900 colleges and universities trust Slate by Technolutions to manage their admissions/enrollment management, student success, and advancement needs. Slate has been developed exclusively for higher education and is the preeminent solution for recruiting students and donors, providing the best combination of qualified services, value for money, and experience.

About Technolutions

Founded in 1994, Technolutions has become the standard-bearer for admissions/enrollment management, student success, and advancement technology. Technolutions prides itself on its innovative and first-to-market solutions which support transformational change on the world of higher education.


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