Ambio Select Network Guide

Audience Targeting Done Right

With Ambio Select, we’ve meticulously crafted networks tailored to distinct audiences, such as News & Info, Homeowner & DIY, Outdoor, Sports, Higher Education, Women’s, Men’s, and more. Understanding your audience and their preferred content consumption channels is paramount when crafting a program where channel selection is critical. Our content is always 100% non-skippable, ensuring maximum engagement. Delivery occurs exclusively on large screens, and our reporting provides detailed insights into the specific locations where your commercials were aired.

What you should expect
  1. Channel & Network Design: In identifying your audience, we will organize a list of channels in which we feel your audience would consume content. Your advertisements would only play on those listed channels.
  2. Commercial Deployment: Utilizing your commercial content, we will deploy your commercial to only the channels we outline. Users who stream those channels, will be exposed to your commercial.
  3. Reporting & Optimizations: With detailed reporting, we will outline your advertisement’s performance which will include where your ads were viewed.

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