Turn Up Your Marketing ROI with Performance CTV

Uncover how Performance CTV/OTT can drive conversions, maximize ROI, and serve as digital messengers for recruitment in the evolving landscape. Learn about AmbioEdu’s tracking capabilities, crafting compelling content, and how these tools can elevate your recruitment and marketing efforts.

Embracing Innovation: The Case for CTV and OTT

The higher ed marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and to stay ahead, you’ve got to be willing to shake things up. That brings us to an essential topic that has the entire edusphere buzzing: why higher education marketers should consider shifting more budget dollars to performance CTV (Connected TV) and OTT (Over-the-Top) advertising in the next budget cycle.

Imagine having a robust arsenal of traditional marketing tactics but still feeling the need for that extra spark, that unique selling point. Well, my colleagues, CTV and OTT might just be the secret ingredients you’ve been searching for! These methods offer a distinct advantage in the digital landscape, providing a fresh and engaging way to not just reach your audience, but create that connection we all crave.

Don’t have any commercials at the ready? No problem. Our team can create incredible and captivating spots from images, videos, social posts, and anything else you have on hand, like this one we did for NJIT@Jersey City.
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Elevating Conversions and Maximizing ROI

Let’s delve into the numbers because who doesn’t love a good stat, right? Research has demonstrated that CTV advertising can deliver a significant boost to your current marketing tactics. Whether it’s increasing event attendance, driving website visits, or encouraging form submissions, CTV has the power to elevate your conversion rates to new heights.

But wait, there’s more! When you add CTV and OTT to the mix, your return on investment (ROI) gets a turbo boost. That’s right, you’re not just playing in the minor leagues anymore; you’re stepping onto the field with the heavy hitters. With the power of CTV and OTT, you can supercharge your marketing efforts and see a higher ROI than before. It’s like going from a standard go-kart to a flaming, turbo-charged Mario Kart(with Toad of course!) – you’re suddenly racing ahead at warp speed.

According to tvScientific’s 2024 State of Performance TV Report, 65% of marketing teams report a boost in sales when performance TV is used alongside other paid channels like search and social.

And here’s the kicker – AmbioEdu can measure attribution from the first ad exposure all the way to enrollment. This means you can track every step of the prospective student’s journey, from the moment they glimpse your ad on their favorite streaming platform to the triumphant day they officially become a part of your campus community. It’s like having your own GPS system to track the path to success.

CTV and OTT as Digital Messengers for Recruitment

So, why is this shift so vital for higher ed marketers? It’s not just about brochures and campus tours anymore. The digital realm has become the new frontier, and to capture the attention of prospective students, you must meet them where they are – online and connected. But in a crowded digital marketing space, that gets harder and harder all the time. Standing out is a matter of survival in the evolving landscape of college recruitment.

Performance CTV and OTT are like digital messengers that can carry your message straight to the eyes and ears of your future scholars. Plus, AmbioEdu‘s tracking capabilities give you a front-row seat to the entire journey from interest to enrollment.

Seize the Opportunity

So, as you gear up for the next budget cycle, education shapers, remember to give CTV and OTT a seat at the table. These powerful tools could be the game-changers that will take your recruitment and marketing efforts to legendary status. Interested in learning how we measure or want more info? Let’s talk!

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