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Ambio Select Network Guide - Audience Targeting Done Right

Audience Targeting Done Right

With Ambio Select, we've meticulously crafted networks tailored to distinct audiences, such as News & Info, Homeowner & DIY, Outdoor, Sports, Higher Education, Women's, Men's, and more. Understanding your audience and their preferred content consumption channels is paramount when crafting a program where channel selection is critical. Our content is always 100% non-skippable, ensuring maximum engagement. Delivery occurs exclusively on large screens, and our reporting provides detailed insights into the specific locations where your commercials were aired.

What you should expect
  1. Channel & Network Design: In identifying your audience, we will organize a list of channels in which we feel your audience would consume content. Your advertisements would only play on those listed channels.
  2. Commercial Deployment: Utilizing your commercial content, we will deploy your commercial to only the channels we outline. Users who stream those channels, will be exposed to your commercial.
  3. Reporting & Optimizations: With detailed reporting, we will outline your advertisement's performance which will include where your ads were viewed.

Ambio Select Network Guide

Precise Connected TV with Enrollment Attribution

Precise Connected TV

Delivering the power of TV with precise household targeting and enrollment attribution.

AmbioEdu is an industry-first Connected TV (CTV) performance platform designed specifically for higher education. It is the only CTV platform to combine fully optimized media buying with comprehensive measurement and digital attribution.

What you should expect
  1. Audience Targeting + Media Activation
  2. Household Device Identification
  3. Outcome Event
  4. Attribution
  5. Reporting

Precise Connected TV with Enrollment Attribution

The first and only CTV advertising platform purpose-built for higher education.
 How AmbioEdu uses CTV to maximize your campaign goals With AmbioEdu's expertise in CTV advertising, we unlock the full potential of this powerful medium to achieve your campaign objectives with precision, creativity, and effectiveness.
Key Features:
  1. Identifying Campaign Goals
  2. Precise Targeting
  3. Compelling Content Delivery
  4. Strategic Placement
  5. Performance Tracking

The first and only CTV advertising platform purpose-built for higher education.